Our system utilizes the most advanced and highest quality resins in the industry. Its adhesion, strength, gloss retention, abrasion resistance and non-yellowing attributes, as well as return-to-service time are second to none. Our Polyaspartic Flake system is the best choice for MOST concrete flooring surfaces. Not all concrete slabs are the same. Some concrete may have issues. 

Such as: 

● High Moisture Content / Moisture Vapor Emissions 

● Alkalinity / Efflorescence Problems 

● Heavy Spalling / Excessive cracks or divots 

● Oil-soaked slabs 

● Low PSI / Overly soft slab

A professional technical field representative will thoroughly inspect your floor. This is something we pride ourselves on, as most contractors do not conduct these tests. Our technical representative will check the hardness of the concrete with a Moh's concrete hardness test. 

They will also use a moisture meter to check the moisture content in several areas of the concrete slab. In addition, they will check the porosity of the slab to see if there are any bond breakers that could present adhesion issues. Based on the analysis of these tests and additional visual inspection, we will be able to determine if our polyaspartic flake system is the best fit for your project or if additional preparation or specialty primers will be appropriate. We encourage the project owner to participate in the inspection process and ask all questions at this time. We will recommend the right system for your specific project. One size does not fit all!

V.O.C.'s are Volatile Organic Compounds that are emitted from coatings during their application. Our system is a zero-VOC coating and is compliant everywhere in the United States. Compared to other types of coatings used in garages and industrial flooring projects the odor is relatively low and does not linger for a long time. However; zero-VOC does NOT mean zero odor. If you are sensitive to chemical odors you will notice a smell. If this is an area of concern, we can discuss alternative systems and their pros and cons. Unfortunately, other systems may not carry the same warranty.

Yes! It can be installed from below freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dust is not a major concern on our projects. We use very expensive and effective dust collectors with HEPA filtration. This is an area that separates our company from most of the contractors that dabble in garage flooring.

"My neighbor used epoxy and the tires peeled it up!" No, our system will not peel!

Our system is easily cleanable and will provide years of beauty. A damp mop with a PH-neutral cleaner does a wonderful job. The unique resin is resistant to most chemical stains if they are cleaned within a reasonable amount of time. Examples are oil, grease, brake fluid, etc. Tire staining (not peeling) is a potential issue. The plasticizers that are used in tires today are different than many years ago. 

Some tires, especially when brand new, can leach out chemicals that can stain our product as well as every other coating on the market. Although this does not happen often, it is possible. Beware of contractors that do not alert you to this industry phenomenon. We recommend placing rubber mats or something similar under the area where your tires park. There are many inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing options available on Amazon and similar sites.

We hear this often and we understand it can be overwhelming. Yes, the garage needs to be empty before we arrive so we can properly install your system. The good news is that most of our installs are done in one day. You will be so much happier when you have a beautiful new space to reorganize! Many clients rent a “POD” and move their belongings at their leisure.

You may walk on your new floor within 5 hours. You may place items back in as soon as the next day. You may drive on your surface in 2-3 days. 

Yes we can! We have professional painters and carpenters on staff. We are happy to put together a package that includes these “add-ons.” At this time we do not sell cabinets, slatwall or overhead storage. However; if you select a product at a supplier such as Home Depot, simply provide us with the specs and we will be happy to provide you with a competitive installation price.

Our proprietary polyaspartic topcoat is a high-solids product. It is extremely durable. It looks great with only one coat. However, two coats of clear will be immaculate! We can provide an option for an additional clear topcoat at a minimal fee.

Yes. It most likely is. But, probably not by much. We use the best materials on the market. We prepare the surface the right way. We guarantee our work. We will recommend the right system for your project after a thorough inspection. We take a small down payment and you pay the balance only when we successfully complete your project to your satisfaction as agreed. We find this takes much of the anxiety out of the process. We do the job the proper way because it is extremely important to us that you are happy with your installation and will recommend us to your friends! If another contractor's price is significantly lower, it’s simply not the same job.

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