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Polyaspartic Decorative Flake System

This product is a quick-turnaround, mosaic-patterned floor covering. Decorative vinyl chips and high-gloss polyaspartic resin are applied in a single broadcast, resulting in a nominally 1/16"-thick surface. The coating’s innovative base chemistry enables fast-cure installation and provides tough chemical-resistant protection. 

You'll get an aesthetically pleasing appearance and limitless color options. It's seamless and sanitary, chemical and stain-resistant, has a high-gloss finish, and contributes to LEED v4 credits. 

It's good for nursing homes and healthcare facilities, clean rooms and pharmaceutical facilities, garage and shop floors, locker rooms and restrooms, and schools and cafeterias.

This may be the perfect option for your needs. Come to our store to check personally, we guarantee the quality of over 15 years of industry experience.

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